SMART Recovery


SMART Recovery is a form of mutual aid which focuses on C.B.T (cognitive behavioural therapy) and R.E.B.T (rational emotive behavioural therapy). SMART participants meet up regularly to discuss their week and how they are doing in their recovery. The aim of these meetings is to provide a safe space to talk about how you are and help each other using what is called SMART tools.


How Does SMART Work?


SMART is a science based program that consists of 4 points, each one having a set of specific tools to help you in your recovery. The 4 points are;


  1. Building and maintaining motivation
  2. Coping with urges
  3. Managing thoughts, feelings and behaviours
  4. Living a balanced life


The tools within each of these 4 points are versatile and there is a tool for almost any situation you will face in recovery. For a great video explaining some of the SMART tools see below.


Will SMART Work For Me?


There are many paths to recovery and there is no “one size  fits all” fix, however SMART recovery has helped thousands of people  change their addictive behaviour.


The SMART recovery program can be used for a variety of addictions like ; alcoholism, drugs, gambling, food and sex addiction. There is no need to share at your first few meetings you are more than welcome to sit and listen.

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