Mindfulness is a form of meditation that helps millions worldwide with racing thoughts and the daily stresses of modern life. Mindfulness has been shown scientifically to help people manage stress, become more focused and become calmer overall. To watch a great 3 minute animation explaining mindfulness click here.


How Does Mindfulness Work?


Mindfulness is very simple to do however it can be difficult to master, there are many different ways to do it, you can be sitting, laying down, walking or eating as long as you are focusing on the sensation of what you are doing and being present.


Not thinking about the housework that needs to be done or how you are going to pay the bills next month. This can be very challenging at first and you will find that random thoughts will pop up, just acknowledge the thought and then bring yourself back to the activity.


For most people focusing on the sensation of breathing can be really good when they find themselves thinking about things, accept the thought, take a deep breath and notice how it feels.


I Want to Try This!


There are plenty of resources online like guided meditations on YouTube or apps to guide and time you. The Headspace app found at www.headspace.com is very good and has a range of different guided meditations, some paid for but also some free this is a very good introduction into mindfulness.