Getting Food


Use this map to find the following services. If you are within the area, internet is available and your GPS is on you should see your location as a green marker on this map.



Where to Get a Meal



Serves soup and a roll, free.

Address: Alloa Soup Pot - 2 Ludgate, Alloa, FK10 2DR

Hours: Tues 12pm-1pm



Serves 2 course meal, free.

Address: Salvation Army Hall, 1 Woodside Court, High Station Road, Falkirk

Hours: Mon-Fri: 12:30pm-2:30pm



Serves 3 course meal, free.

Address: Salvation Army Hall, 19, Drip Road, Stirling

Hours: Mon-Fri 3pm-4.45pm


The Salvation Army can also provide: Sleeping Bags & Toiletries (when available), Clothing, Washing Facilities, Support, Chiropody Service, Advice & Help.


Drop in Services - Falkirk & Stirling provide access to Sign Post Stirling also offers access to a Dentist, GP, In Touch & Open Secret Speak to the staff and they will give you details of when they are on.


Food Banks


For information on the food banks in your area click the links below or find them with the map above.


Web: click here


Address: 2 Ludgate, Alloa, FK10 2DR

Tel: 01259 218 766

Web: click here


Address: Unit 1 Tamfourhill Industrial Estate, Tamfourhill Avenue, Falkirk, FK1 4RT

Tel: 07809 340919

Web: click here